Paulie is an IoT concept that takes care of all your parrot’s needs when you’re away


Parrot owners often have a problem when tey're out of the house. Whether it´s a vacation or because of work, many parrot owners don´t have anyone to jump in and take care of their bird. Paulie, is an app that connects to a smart cage for your parrot when you’re away. Basicly, whatever your parrot needs when you are away and don’t have anyone to take care of your pet.

Research and Findings

  • About 16 million Americans own approximately 32 million parrots as pets
  • Parrots are intelligent and emotional; improper handling can turn a tame and loving bird aggressive
  • Parrots need love just like humans and parrots can become depressed and are known for stress-related problems if they’re not taken care  of

The Application

Since many parrot owners today are kids, it was important to make the application play- and colorful. The app starts off with letting the user create a profile for his parrot in a playful but yet important way for Paulie's Place to mesure important things like how much food it needs, how much sleep it needs etc.

Final Screens

A sample of thhe end product for the application, starting from the log in screens to various sections of the app.

Branding Guidelines

Here you can see the main design guidelines for the product as well as the proccess of the logo. The colors are one of the more important things in the branding as they needed to be visually engaging and playful since many of parrot owners are kids and teenagers.

Paulie's Place

Paulie's Place is available in 3 different sizes and consists of four main features to take care of your parrot while you are away.

Things to consider

What would be the next to expand the Paulie products? One way would be to expand it to other "pet cages" that are regularly in use, for example dogs.

Paulie Promo Video

Starting off with a storyboard and moving the idea into Illustrator I created a short promotion video for the Paulie product. Last but not least I made the images come to life in After effects.