Rebranding Iceland´s nr. 1 taxi company.


Hreyfll Taxi is the only taxi company in Iceland. I redesigned their brand and built a small app to make them more modern and accessible to the residents and tourist in Iceland. I also designed an interactive taxi sign, which made it a fun and easy way for customers to find their taxis.


Being a protected work class, Hreyfill Taxi has owned the taxi market in Iceland for decades. Since companies like Uber and Lyft aren't allowed in Iceland, Hreyfill has become way to stagnate for todays expectations, both for the people of Iceland and tourists.


Starting with redesigning the logo, to give the company a new overall nice feel and from there on creating a app similar to the todays industry. After doing research, a app similar to Uber and Lyft, would increase tourists usage with Hreyfill over 40% annually.

Logo Redesign

Starting off identifying the current logo, it was important to use the same primary colors but with some adjustments to the brightness of them.

Product Design

I also designed an interactive taxi sign using the secondary logo, which makes it a fun and easy way for customers to find their taxis. In a country like Iceland, where the winters are dark and cold, it can be fun to play around with bright colors while waiting for your taxi to arrive.

Original color sign

The primary yellow and blue colors of the brand will show when cars are available. Both on top of the taxis and in the app.

Your own color sign

After you’ve ordered a taxi in the application, the icon to see where your taxi is at will change to the colors you chose before. And when your taxi arrive, the sign will have changed to your colors for you to be able to see the car right away.

Colors for good cause

During certain days or months the com- pany can use the sign to help bring awerness to different cultural and social movements to make their mark. For example National Breast Cancer Awerness and LGBT Pride.